Prescription Dive Masks

An optical dispensary near the heart of San Diego with a full line of frames, sport vision equipment and lenses.
Let us craft your surface eyewear as well as your dive mask.
Linda Young, Optician
Curt Walker, Optician

8801& 1/2 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa CA 91942 USA

(619) 698-2878    fax (619) 698-9500

Gauges Gone Fuzzy ?
Prescription Dive Masks allow everyone to see clearly underwater.
Professional divers have come to us for years.
Now sport divers, photographers and snorkelers are discovering the benefits of clear underwater vision.

Prescription Dive Masks custom makes each lens for your prescription, using your personal measurements for optimum vision.
Your lens is created specifically for the mask you select. The lens size is kept as large as possible, to give divers a full field of vision.
Then it is bonded to the glass face plate with optically clear adhesive that never comes off.



Adult and children's swim goggles can be
customized with your exact prescription just like your mask!

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  1. Make sure you are getting the right lens type and style for your Rx. I.E. Are you snorkeling or diving?
    Snorklers do not need bifocals. If the Rx over a + or - 4.00, you may want high index lenses because they are much thinner.
  2. Please dot your pupil center with a marker or grease pencil. This helps us make sure its perfectly placed.
    Watch this video to learn how to mark your pupil centers
  3. Photographers can position your reading portion exactly where you want it by placing a piece of scotchtape on the glass where you want the lens positioned.
    You can try different positions and try them with your camera. Go ahead and lay on the floor with the camera.
    Watch this video how to mark bifocal height

  4. What is an Astigmatism and can I get it in my mask? Astigmatism is your eye being slightly "out of round," requiring the addition to the lens of a certain amount of "out of round" or cylinder.
    We can do all Astigmatic corections for any prescription in any mask!

  5. Although there is no charge for cylinders under 3, there is a $30 lab fee for Cylinder Corrections over +/- 3.00.
    The same is true for spheres over +/- 4.00.
  6. Remember that the water magnification won't help the fish to be clearer, only a bigger blurry image.

  7. Call us at 1-800-538-2878 or email and we will gladly help you.

    You can also print out this PDF, fill it out completely, and send it in with your mask.


    Helpful videos are located on our ordering page.


Single Vision Lenses
See Under Lenses
Bifocal Lenses
$ 284.00
Gauge Reader Lenses
$ 144.00
High Index Single Vision Lenses
$ 285.00
Burn and Remount
$ 65.00

Dive Masks

XS Scuba Metro
$ 70.00
XS Scuba Fusion 2 LV
XS Scuba Merge-non Purge only
XS Scuba Fusion with or without Purge
$ 89.00
Fusion Jr. for Kids - Purge or Non Purge
$ 70.00
Goby for children - non Purge
$ 49.00
Tilos Vision Jr. - for children
$ 49.00
Tusa Ceos
Tilos Titanica
Tilos Visionary
Swim Goggle polycarb lenses
$ 98.00
Swim Goggle Shark
$ 159.00
Swimming With Colors
$ 49.00
$ 88.00


XS Scuba Goby Snorkel for small adults or kids
XS Scuba 3D Dry Snorkel
Atomic Aquatics Snorkel


Shipping Costs
Shipping is $17 inside California.
$17 ground (5-7 working days).
$30 for second day delivery.

$65 next day air.
Hawaii: $20 3-4 day priority mail - $35 2 day express mail
We ship internationally !
International Shipping via DHL is $70.

Normal turnaround time is 10 to 15 days.
Super Rush orders available for:
$65 (3 to 5 working days)
$45 (6 to 8 working days)
Gift Certificates Available

Gift certificates are a wonderful way of giving that special person a gift that he or she really wants.
With a Prescription Dive Mask gift certificate
you can give the gift they really want,
even if you're not sure what it is.

Prescription Dive Masks
Linda Young, Optician
Curt Walker, Optician

8801& 1/2 La Mesa Blvd, La Mesa CA 91942 USA

(619) 698-2878    fax (619) 698-9500

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