We can do any mask, even yours! No sales tax on any orders, ever!

Our regular production time is 20-25 business days.

How to dot Your Pupil centers*

How to mark your bifocal line*

Yes you can. We put any prescription in any dive mask. Single vision, bi-focals or gauge readers.

We custom make every lens to fit your prescription and your mask.

Yes, we really can put any prescription in any dive mask.

All our work is custom so we can accommodate even the highest prescription. Our record to date is a – 27 !!

There is an extra charge of $ 30.00 for sphere powers greater than + 4.00 or – 4.00, and cylinder powers + or – 3.

The diopter is a unit of measurement of strength, or refractive power of lenses.

The higher the diopters, the more curved the lens is.

The point at which the sphere and cylinder power of the lens intersects.

We ask you to dot your mask so that we can place the optical center directly over your eye.

No problem at all. We deal with all astigmatic corrections and even the very difficult ones no one else can handle.

It just means that your eye is slightly “out of round”, requiring the addition to the lens of a certain amount of “out of round”, called cylinder.

A precise amount, and angle, different for each eye, is specified in the second set of numbers on a prescription.

Although there is NO CHARGE for corrections under 3, there is a $30.00 lab fee for cylinder corrections over + or – 3.

Are you a photographer, videographer or cinematographer? Or a dive computer & gauge wearing diver?

Are you over 35 years old? Our eye muscles gradually lose the ability to focus on close objects after age 35.

If your enjoyment of diving would be improved by adding the ability to focus up close again, then consider bifocals or a gauge reader in your dive mask

We believe that divers are not as well served by progressives as the shore bound community.

The narrow mid-range area between distance and near is not optimal for diving while.

the flat topped bi-focal offers a larger and more distinct reading area for gauge and camera viewing.

We can place your bifocal where you want it. Mark your face plate with a felt pen where you think you want it.

Dive a little with the line on there.

Change it if its too high or low. When you’re happy, ship it to us.

If you’ve got no preference we will put it around 10 mm below your pupil center (where you put those dots before shipping).

The PD is the distance from the center of one pupil to the center of the other. This is different for each person.

If the numbers are two lower digits like 29.5/32.5, then just add them together for the Distance P.D.

It is essential for accurate dispensing to place the optical center of the lens over the center of the pupil.

Any offset can induce prism, actually changing the apparent power of the lens.

We ask you to dot your pupil center before shipping your mask to us.

Do this by wearing the mask, looking into the distance at a point, and marking that point on the faceplate with a felt-tipped pen.

Another method is to have another person mark the center of your pupils while you look into the distance.

Did the lens break or just the face plate? That usually what happens. If so, send us the broken bits, suitably wrapped.

We’ll burn the lens off at high temperature, polish it and inspect it for damage.

Usually we can re-use the lenses, and bond them to a new face plate. If your mask is the full face plate, then you will have to buy a new mask. A burn and remount of your lense is $75, not guaranteed.

We were hoping you would ask! The answer is: Never! We boiled them, then froze them. Soaked them in acetone.We left them in the sun for months.

Salt water, fresh water, it made no difference. So we are happy to guarantee them for life.

None have ever come unbonded yet until we want to remove them.

The normal turnaround time is 15 to 20 business days.
$135 (2 to 4 business days)
$100 (5 to 7 working days)
$80 (8 to 10 working days)

Shipping is $23 inside California.
$26 ground (5-7 working days)
$59 for second-day delivery.
$95 next day air.

We ship internationally!

International Shipping via DHL is $80.

The normal turnaround time is 20-25 business days.

$135 (2 to 4 business days)
$100 (5 to 7 business days)
$80 (8 to 10 business days)

You can use any de-fogger you like. The lenses are made of glass, just like the face plates are, and they can withstand any chemicals except abrasives.

Yes it is. A Left and a Right lens. And to make it even more reasonable, we are giving 50% off to one eyed divers.

OK, we will give you 5% off on your first purchase if you mention HOW you found our website!!!

Use pdmse-5off as promo code at your checkout and don’t forget to tell us which search engine you used.

Well come on down!

We are there 9 to 5:00 Monday through Thursday, 9 to 2:30 on Friday.

Sure, you can find us on Skype as prescription_dive_masks

If your Rx is + or -4.00 or higher in the sphere power, it does make a difference. High index glass makes the lens thinner and lighter. This is for single vision only in your dive mask.

It does this by bending light waves in a slightly different angle than crown glass.

When mounting into a mask, the thickness can be an issue in higher prescriptions. We can make it work by applying a heavier bevel on the edges of the lens. Our motto is any prescription, any mask, but sometimes with a strong Rx is better to get a mid -volume mask.

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