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Know Our XS Foto GoMask Panorama Dive Masks!

The XS Foto GoMask Panorama dive mask, highlighted in Prescription Dive Masks, offers an exceptional underwater experience with its wide panoramic view and prescription lens options. Its unique design not only enhances visibility but also provides comfort and durability for prolonged dives. With a combination of innovative technology and practicality, this mask is a must-have for divers looking to improve their vision underwater while enjoying the beauty of the ocean depths.

The versatility of the XS Foto GoMask Panorama dive mask truly shines as it offers a wide range of customization options to suit every diver’s needs. From classic readers to executive readers, single vision, single vision see-unders, high index single vision, bifocals 28mm wide or bifocals 35mm wide, this mask can be tailored to provide optimal vision correction for individuals with different prescriptions. With such a diverse selection of lens options available, divers can now enjoy crystal-clear underwater views while having their specific vision requirements met seamlessly. The XS Foto GoMask Panorama dive mask’s adaptability makes it an indispensable accessory for any diver seeking both functionality and comfort in their underwater explorations.


· Incredible Panoramic Vision Thru-Beveled & Bonded 3-Windows

· Patented Wrap-Around Design for Ultimate Field of View

· 3-Prong Mount for Attaching GoPro HERO Underwater Housing

· Solid Blacked Out Nickel Plated Stainless-Steel Camera Mount

· Everclear Glass Lenses

· Exceptional Clarity & High Light Transmission

When it comes to selecting the perfect dive mask, the XS Foto GoMask Panorama stands out for its exceptional features, and at Prescription Dive Masks, you not only get access to this top-notch product but also the convenience of adding any prescription you need. Whether you require classic readers, executive readers, single vision, single vision see-unders, high index single vision, bifocals 28mm wide, or bifocals 35mm wide, Prescription Dive Masks offers a seamless customization process. By choosing your XS Foto GoMask Panorama dive mask here, you can dive confidently knowing that your vision needs have been expertly catered to, ensuring a clear and immersive underwater experience like never before.

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