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I just wanted to thank you for the special “Executive Gauge Readers” you put on my 2 dive masks. I was impressed you did a “mini-consultation” and asked what my optical needs were and then advised me on what has worked well for other underwater images. Every other gauge readers I have previously used were too small and could only be looked at through using one eye at a time.

With your readers, now, for the first time in years I can use both eyes when looking slightly down from a horizontal sight line and see my external HD video monitors. I no longer have to turn my head to the side and use just one eye through a tiny reader looking for macro critter subjects or at my monitor.

The benefits of being able to use both eyes simultaneously and see through your unique style of readers designed specifically for underwater images cannot be overstated. Now when HD videotaping subjects like tiny bobtail squid or skeleton shrimp, both of which are about the size of this text, I can see them and videotape them using both eyes seeing clearly.
You guys are awesome!