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Let’s talk about swim goggles!

So you want to swim for fun or health reasons but once you are in the pool you realize you can’t see the lines or the big clock wall. Even the other swimmers are kind of fuzzy. You go see your optician and she sells glasses but could not help with swim goggles. You go to the internet, now you’ve found a few solutions but, which one is right for you?

There are the “close to Rx” swim goggles and there are exact Rx goggles. The close to Rx ones start at a + or – 2.00. Minus powers go to a -10.00 and the plus powers go to a +5.00. If your cylinder on your Rx isn’t over a 1.50 you may be able to use the close to Rx’s. We can help determine what power you may need. We have a math formula that we use to determine the end result power.

The other option is a swim goggles called Liberty Shark. They are ophthalmic swim goggles that can accommodate any Rx. Some optical shops will tell you they can only do some powers in the shark because the lab they use tells them so. I have been doing any power for many years. I have time to do all the hand work to make any Rx fit into them.

Last summer I received a call from a Mom that wanted her son to learn to swim but he wouldn’t take his glasses off. Her 5 year old son had a +11.50 -300×90 in both eyes. She told me no one she had called would help her. I assured her I could do it. A few weeks later I received a nice thank you card with a picture of her son in the pool, swimming with a big smile on his face. He had learned to swim like a big boy.

Not all stories are so heartwarming but this just shows we are here to help no matter what application you will be using your swim goggles in.