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Is Your Diving Gear Ready for Spring?

Published on March 16, 2022

Finally! Winter is over and we can’t wait to start diving again, probably you feel the same way too. It’s time to get your scuba gear out, make sure everything is working properly and enjoy the spring and summer seasons.
Check your gear for any obvious broken or misplaced items. We will guide you through the check up.

The Wetsuit

Let’s start with the most obvious one. This one should be easy, just check for any holes or rips. Same for your other neoprene gear.
We recommend you try it on in case it doesn’t fit anymore (hopefully it does, but you know.. holidays).

The Drysuit

The drysuit is a bit more complicated because of the cuffs, since they become porous they can be very sensitive. Like with the wetsuit, try on the drysuit first, it should fit just right and the zipper should be working correctly and also check for any rips and tears. The inflator hose is a must-check as well.

The Regulator

Do a deep inspection with the regulator, you can find any information online in the manufacturers website for any special instructions just in case you don’t see anything wrong right away.
The obvious things to consider are the hoses, are they complete? Not damaged? Is everything in its place? If you can, just to go the extra mile while you’re already there, connect it to a scuba tank to see if it’s working properly and you’ll notice if it’s good after several seconds of breathing.

The Tank

This item has to be periodically inspected and tested. In the US scuba cylinders must be hydrostatically tested every five years.

The Diving Mask

This one is pretty straight forward, just check if it’s not broken and if it’s working properly with a simple check. If you need new ones or you’re seeing kinda blurry, we can help you out with some new ones or just adding a prescription to your current ones.

Hope you have a happy diving season and for any questions or interest in our products contact us and we’ll be happy to help.

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