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How Do I Get My PD?

Published on July 25, 2019

About Your PD – How to Measure it Yourself

The PD (Pupil Distance) is a required measurement needed to fill your glasses prescription. Note: If you’ll leave the PD measurement blank, one of our opticians will contact you to for further assistance.

What is the PD?

The PD is the distance between your pupils using millimeters as the unit of measure. The average ranges between 54-74. Some doctors may write it on the prescription. You can ask your eye doctor or local optician to measure it for you. They use a device that instantly gives them the PD.

If Your PD is two Numbers:

If the numbers are two higher digits like 62/58, then the first number is your Distance (Far) PD used for making Distance glasses and the second is your Near PD used for making reading glasses. If you are ordering Bifocals you should enter both #’s. If you are ordering Bifocals and you only have one PD enter it by Distance (Far).

If the numbers are two lower digits like 29.5/32.5, then just add them together for the Distance P.D.

If Your PD is one Low Digit Number:

If the number is one low digit like 33; just add them together for your Distance PD.

You can measure your PD on your own, using one of the following ways:

Option 1: You will need a friend and a ruler. With a friend sitting opposite you at the same height, ask them to place the ruler across the bridge of your nose, with the millimeters side facing upwards. Your friend should move the ruler, so that the zero value is in the center of your right pupil. Your friend should now read off the measurement to the center of your left pupil. Bingo! That’s your PD.

Option 2: You will need your glasses, a friend, a ruler, and a non-permanent marker. Put your glasses on so they are comfortable and steady. Ask your friend to stand opposite you and have her mark a dot on each of your lenses, exactly where the pupils are positioned. Take off your glasses, and with a ruler measure the distance between the two dots. That’s your PD! Don’t forget to thank your friend.

Option 3: Do it yourself! You’ll need a webcam, credit card (We use a credit card because a credit card is a universal size and that helps us the configure proportion of the image).

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