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Drop ins vs. Inserts vs. Bonding: Not All Prescriptions Are Created Equally

Published on January 24, 2018

There are three ways of adding your prescription to your mask, drop in diopters, plastic retainers and bonding.

Most dive shops and online stores offer drop-in diopters because they are easier and cheaper to fabricate, andlazka some people go for them because of the price point. However, drop-ins are only your “close to” prescription. No astigmatism or reading area. Drop in lenses only come in minus powers and you must buy their mask.

Plastic lens retainers are used in a full face mask only. Like OTS (ocean technology systems) masks. We make the lens in Polycarbonate material. It is your exact Rx.

A lens retainers can also be used in the snorkel mask which has become popular with snorkelers who do not want to put a snorkel in their mouth.

Bonding is done directly to the inside of the faceplate. If done properly it will never pop off or delaminate. It is done with glass because it is the only Rx lens medium that has a perfectly flat front surface.

At Prescription Dive Masks, we care about our customer’s vision, which is why we only offer bonded lenses.  It may be a little bit more costly and time-consuming, but the advantages make it well worth it. We can also do OTS lens retainers. Those are done with polycarbonate. Every type of lens we do is the exact prescription. We also offer 2 sizes of bifocal areas.

These are the main differences between lens inserts and bonded lenses:

Prescription Dive MasksPlastic lens retainers: Those have two surfaces that are not even connected, they are harder to clean, harder to defog, easier to break, not as durable and doesn’t have the look of a regular mask.

Bonded Lenses: These corrective lenses are bonded to your mask’s original faceplate. We do all work by hand and it takes 10 to 15 working days to complete. Bonded lenses are very easy to clean, very easy to defog as well. The prescription and the mask become one single piece!

If you want to learn more about the different prescription masks we have available, please give us a call at 1-800-538-2878. We would be glad to help you find out which lens type works for you.

  • Shipping for DHL when getting 2 masks is charging double instead of 1.5 for shipping.
  • Prescription on your mask, make an auto email that is sent out to orders after ordering prescription on your mask reminding them subject: Don’t forget to ship us your Mask and basic text saying shipping instructions with the address.
  • Gift certificates when using them they ask for a code, have the system so when they are bought PDM knows the code so they can add it to the printed version they mail it.

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