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Diving Jobs

Let’s be honest, we all know diving is awesome, but you can also have a job that requires you to dive, I know it’s not fair, some jobs are just great. Although as with anything there is a variety for you to choose from, some are harder than others but still, you get to dive. Don’t worry if you have bad eyesight, our prescription dive masks can help you get those jobs.

Commercial Diving

This one pays well but it’s expensive and hard to get into. It will cost around 10k to get qualified and the training is not for everybody. The issue is that even if you’re qualified it doesn’t guarantee a job in the industry. You have to stand out in the course and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get offered a job by a scout from a company. Remember this is unpleasant, hard and can be dangerous but that’s why you’ll get paid well.


This is a natural way to start a career, it’s a stepping stone to go professional. The great thing is that you also gain skills and time in the water by teaching others, it will build your confidence underwater.

Unfortunately it is not all water and swimming, the dreaded paperwork is something you won’t escape from and the pay is not great, but still it’s a great experience, beats working in an office!


As you can imagine having a job in research like scientific diving will require you to have a degree in marine biology, but you get to do something good for the planet. This requires a bit more investigation since there are different types of research jobs and employers.


There are other jobs for divers or jobs around diving like equipment manufacturers or dive shop owners as well, with a bit more research you can probably find what you’re looking for in the wonderful world of diving.