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Avoid a Mask Fogging while Snorkeling

Yes we know, mask fogging is annoying and ruins the underwater experience. But fortunately there are some tips that can help you out and have a fog-free adventure.

Clean Your Mask

The best way to clean your old or new mask is with a mild abrasive like plain toothpaste or Sea Buff. These work because they remove film from the lenses which are the culprit of your mask fogging. A good clean with these products will help out a lot, make sure to clean it before and after your adventure, especially after since sunscreen, sand or other things will build up in your mask.

Anti-Fog Gel

Yes, anti-fogging gel is great and you need to add the solution to your mask just before jumping in the water, it’s a powerful coating that lasts several hours underwater. There are many types of anti-fog gels, the most popular being Sea Gold or Frog Spit, try out several to see which one you like best.

Focus Your Breathing

This is very important since it can possibly ruin your cleaning prep, it is hard, especially if you’re new to the diving world but breathing through your mouth should keep the mask clear, avoid using your nose, easy to say but hard to do since we do it daily, but exhaling through your nose causes fog because of the difference in temperature between the air in your mask and the water.


With those things in mind, you can have a great experience diving and not have to worry about the wonderful scenery getting foggy, and don’t forget we do prescription dive masks so don’t let your bad eyesight stop you from snorkeling or diving!