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Dive Shop

Dive Shop

Who We Are

Prescription Dive Masks has been making lenses for 14 years. In our lab, our opticians have designed new methods throughout the years in order to make diving a more safe and pleasurable experience. When we make lenses for a mask, we take pride and pleasure in making our customers happy. Our staff is always willing to go to the extra step to ensure the diver/snorkeler is comfortable with their new mask/lenses. We put any prescription in any mask.

What We Do…

We have strived to make Prescription Dive Masks different than all the rest. All lenses are custom made to the exact prescription including astigmatism and prism. All work is done by hand, never a machine, for better fit and accuracy. Customers never see the lens edge when viewing through the mask. For high prescriptions, we use 1.8 high index glass. We also feature a procedure where we can remove a lens from the faceplate of a damaged mask and put it on a new mask.

Why Prescription Dive Masks’ Are Different Than Glasses

All lenses are done on a 71mm Plano BC glass lens de-centered 7mm. This gives us a bigger blank to use when shaping the lens to the exact size of the faceplate this giving the user a broader view when looking through the mask.

All lenses are glass. it is a better medium than poly-carbonate for seeing in water. Even though it weighs more than plastic, the diver/snorkeler never feels it because of the weightless feeling when underwater. They don’t scratch as easily in a rough and sandy ocean environment.

In a low volume mask with high minus lenses, we may need to make the safety bevel heavier to ensure a comfortable fit.

The FT 35 bifocal is placed 10mm below pupil center on minus lenses and 13mm below on plus lenses. By doing this we keep the reading area out of the way when not in use.

Vertex distance is compensated on any powers over + or -4 diopters.

We back down on the bifocal add for all high plus prescriptions for the diver’s comfort.

The Dive Shop or Optician’s Part in the Customer Process

You will spend little time and receive maximum profit as we do most of the work.

Make the customers aware that Prescription Dive Masks are available. We offer “fuzzy gauge” point of purchase displays to aid you.

Make sure the customer is getting the right lens type and style for their prescription, i.e. Is the customer snorkeling or diving? Snorkelers do not need their bifocals, i.e. Is the Rx over a + or -4 diopter? The customer may want high index lenses for the thinness.

Underwater photographers may want the reading portion raised to more easily view their data thru the camera housing. We can customize the hight to the customer’s needs.

Doting the pupil center. This is the MOST important step as masks sit differently on the face than do glasses. (higher, further away)

Make sure the customer knows that water magnification won’t help the fish to be clearer, only a bigger blurry image.

Have a fun experience. Customers are nearly always a bit giddy when receiving their new lenses. They will be amazed at all the little creatures they have been missing not to mention being safer.


The workmanship on all Prescription Dive Masks lenses is 100% unconditionally guaranteed for the life of the mask.

The lenses will never discolor or delaminate.

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